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We are an online store based in Sydney, Australia.

Our story started from a simple walk through one of our local shopping centres. As my friend and I were walking along and stopping in all the stores we notice one thing.... Everything was the same!

Each store sold items, that is, shoes or shirts, that were almost identical.

There was little to no variation.

It occurred to us that nothing nowadays is original. Everybody is doing the same as somebody else!

All these businesses are selling similar items as they are trying to 'play it safe.'

Little do these stores know that customers don't want to 'play it safe.' They want to stand out and be seen!

Customers deserve the chance to walk down the street and turn hands as they don something that is truly stylish.

For us, the word STYLE means to be UNIQUE.

That is our goal at Harry James. We aim to sell the most unique products at affordable prices.

So if you want to wear something that is truly stylish then why not try one of our highly unique products.

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We are currently WORLDWIDE.

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